September 26, 2008

I’m moving back to once again for sure now.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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The Truth ™

September 17, 2008


Why do you blog?  I bet it isn’t for fun.  No.

I blog to get away from the real world; to relax; to get away from it all, etc.

That’s the truth.  I posted about Aguair like that before because I was sick of being treated unfairly.  Everything is soooo unfair.

I came to blogging so I could get away from it all, to find shelter from the storm. 

So I felt really sad when nobody treats me good.

I understand that I have been really mean.  I’m sorry.  Too late now, of course, I guess.

Some people have everything…

I like blogging because it’s a chance for me to open up to people.  I find it really hard to do that normally.  I was hoping a blog might change that in some way.

I don’t care if I’m not “popular”…if I’m “nerdy” or mean.  I’m me, and that’s who I am and who I’ll always be.

I believe in staying true to myself, no matter what, so I’m not going to lie about things to make me look good.  I’m going to stay true to myself.

It’s hard.  I get angry so easily.  If you know me in real life you would see that I’m a pretty happy person, normally smiling and so on.

But some things make me reallly angry or sad.  Like Luke [don’t ask who he is], getting beaten by Calvin on science tests all the time, and getting picked on.

I also think it’s unfair how some people avoid getting punished simply because they are the teachers pet or have a lot of people who do whatever they say.

I don’t need any of that.  I believe I can succeed in life by being who I am, and only who I am.

I will continue to blog about stuff, as much as I can, because I know deep down inside it’s what I love doing.

Because if you’re doing what you love, it’ll make you happy.  I don’t care if every single one of you who visits this site leaves now.  That’s fine. 

I can do it.

I can succeed by being me.  By being the mean me, the smart me, the nerdy me.

The me who looks for help from others.

I made that post because I think friends can really comfort you in your time of need. 

That’s what’s blogging’s about.  Posting about your thoughts, feelings, sort of like a diary anyone can read.

That is what I call a blog.

If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.
      – Tom Peters

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
       – Theodore Roosevelt

The best motivation always comes from within.
Michael Johnson


Blog In Review:: xAguair ™

September 15, 2008

2nd post for the day, but I wanted to write a blog review for some reason.  So I decided to write one for xAguair.  Read more:

xAguair can be found at The creator, Aguair, was a Club Penguin blogger, but decided to go to real life blogging instead.

Due to this, his hits have dropped drastically.  Posts comes around twice a week.  The CSS is mediocre.  Black and white is very boring.  He has lied about his age numerous times, pretending to be 13 when he was just 11.

In his post, “It’s About Time” (September 7, 2008) Aguair has told us about every detail of his life – from where he lives to the whereabouts of furniture in his house to his friends and details about them. 

The owner is very technical, and seems to enjoy showing off his knowledge of complex computer things such as spam smilies, flash sites and files and platform reviews.

However, the owner also enjoys being right all the time.

It is not uncommon to write a comment on xAguair and never have it published, as it has happened to me numerous times.  Just a week ago he got mad at me because I asked him to visit me site (I said please).  He got very angry, and seems to think he is in charge of everyone and everything, telling me to not comment like that.  However, he cheerfully commetns on other people’s blogs, giving them heaps of CSS help.

The blog is losing viewers for a number of reasons.  1, because his posts are boring, lack images, have several grammatical errors and are just too technical.  2, because of the way the owner treats other people.

There are numerous examples where Aguair has badly treated others.  Today I stumbled upon a blog which had great CSS.  But Aguair said that he hates it and doesn’t go with his taste.  This is not the only time Aguair has been evil to people. 

There have been other instances.  But, to save space, I will leave them out of this Blog Review.

In short, is a boring, bland, dull, technical and lame blog owned by a rude twelve year old who thinks he is on top of the world.  1 * out of 5*****. 

Thank-you for reading this Blog Review =P


New Theme ™

September 15, 2008

As you’ve probably seen, I have activated a new theme “Emire”.  I think it’s pretty cool, though I would’ve liked a header space. 

What do you think?

And sorry, haven’t been online much, last week of term and my cousins from Tassie have come to visit. 

♥ Josh

What’s up with that? ™

September 10, 2008


Yes, you all found my new site!!! Hurray!  I think we have about 300 views…which isn’t the best.  Lol.  Sorry, just thta it’s the last two weeks of term and all the tachers are going crazy with assignments and homework and blah.

Got a Science Chemistry test tomorrow, a History test next Friday, a HUGE English project due on Monday [which includes: a website, powerpoint, poster, comic strip, brochure, video, role play, survey, “letter to the editor” [[nwespaper thing]] and more!!!] and heaps of Maths homework!!!  And an ART Project!!  But that was due two weeks ago.  Lol.

But next week I should be back to normal and have more time on my hands to post.

Did you know I was sick about two weeks ago?  id I tell you?  I had gastro and was away from school for six days.  That equals a LOT of catching up to do.  Lol. 

So, there’s only so much homework you can do.  I ended up watching TV with my two year old brother for a bit of the day when I had absolutely nothing to do.  The TV Shows are a bit…weird.  Here, let me show you some of them.

Raggs is this show about five dogs who always end up with a problem.  This show is about 20 mins long and VERY boring.  The dogs invent stuff, scratch themselves whenever someone says ‘flea’ and answer non related questions.  One show was about when they had no idea what to play, and they got a letter from a sheep about animals living underground…They sing so many songs.  So annoying.  Like five songs.  Ughh!  Th eonly good part is about a cat called “Dumpster” he asks little kids [aged around 4] on their opinionbs on things such as what movement is, games they like to play, musical instruments, etc. 

Poko is probably my brother’s favourite TV Show.  It’s about a boy who looks Spanish, who has blue hair, and magically draws things which become real.  He has a pet dog called Minus with a magic nose which can erase anything that Poko draws, a friend called Bibi who has pink hair and has a sticker book which she can use to make stickers become real, and a toy monkey called Mr Murphy.  It seems like a combination of heaps of TV Shows.

Yo, Gabba Gabba is probably one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen.  It’s about a boy who looks African, who wears orange clothes and a goofy orange hat who has a box full of scary toy monsters.  For example, one has one eye, some have three arms and four eyes, some are robots…creeepppyyyy.  And they all sing songs…and then there are random children who say their name and never stop smiling while they do something like bounce a ball…

Teletubbies well you’ve probably heard of it.  Four coloured…people in suits with TVs on their stomachs and antennae on their head who watch children do stuff…so long and tedious…

In the night garden is about these puppet-y things called IgglePiggle and UpsyDaisy who go on adventures in the night garden.  There are these scary baby like creatures…like, really scary.  It’s kinda like Telletubbies except with people talking. 

Pokoyo is probably the only good TV Show that I watched with him.  Its about a Japanese drawing style kid, called Pokoyo, who lives in a world with a pink elephant called Elli, a duck called Patto, a dog, and a bird who he calls Sleepy Bird.  It’s funny.  They solve problems.  Yeaa.

No, I don’t watch these because I like them, I watched them with my 2 year old brother because I was bored and he likes them.

♥ Josh

Fathers’ Day ™

September 7, 2008


Happy Fathers’ Day!  Today is the first Sunday in September, which means Fathers’ Day!

So to all you Fathers out there, happy Fathers’ Day!

Although, I must admit that it would be a bit creepy if any fathers were actually reading my blog.  *shiver*

Anyways, me, Jacob and Joseph [my brothers] bought my dad a weed picker-upper-er.  I had the idea!  It picks up weeds, if you didn’t realise.  Lol.

It’s like this pole with a pointy thing at the bottom.  You put the pointy thing near the weed, step on another thing and then the pole grabs the weed, then you pull the pole.  Thats how it works.

What did you get your father?  That’s good.  =P

Last night was my aunty and uncles 13th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary!!!  We went to their house, ‘cept a lot of my cousins were sick so it was just me, their daughter, her brother, two other girls and an annoying boy.  And their all aged 10 and under.  So I felt old…

But the food was nice!  But I felt very dehydrated after eating, and the fruit punch I was drinking didn’t help much.

Anyways, it’s also Spring!  Yaaaay!!! GOODBYE WINTER!!! So I’m guessing that now it’s Autumn in America and Europe and blah? 

Well, I’m going to make a header, and maybe release this site to the public!  Hooray!!! 

♥ Josh

Ello World! ™

September 1, 2008

Josh is back!!!