Fathers’ Day ™

September 7, 2008


Happy Fathers’ Day!  Today is the first Sunday in September, which means Fathers’ Day!

So to all you Fathers out there, happy Fathers’ Day!

Although, I must admit that it would be a bit creepy if any fathers were actually reading my blog.  *shiver*

Anyways, me, Jacob and Joseph [my brothers] bought my dad a weed picker-upper-er.  I had the idea!  It picks up weeds, if you didn’t realise.  Lol.

It’s like this pole with a pointy thing at the bottom.  You put the pointy thing near the weed, step on another thing and then the pole grabs the weed, then you pull the pole.  Thats how it works.

What did you get your father?  That’s good.  =P

Last night was my aunty and uncles 13th anniversary.  Happy Anniversary!!!  We went to their house, ‘cept a lot of my cousins were sick so it was just me, their daughter, her brother, two other girls and an annoying boy.  And their all aged 10 and under.  So I felt old…

But the food was nice!  But I felt very dehydrated after eating, and the fruit punch I was drinking didn’t help much.

Anyways, it’s also Spring!  Yaaaay!!! GOODBYE WINTER!!! So I’m guessing that now it’s Autumn in America and Europe and blah? 

Well, I’m going to make a header, and maybe release this site to the public!  Hooray!!! 

♥ Josh


20 Responses to “Fathers’ Day ™”

  1. ζÔ§Η Says:

    I made a header. Hooray!!!

    ♥ Josh

  2. ~(-Jordan-)~ Says:

    Love the new blog!
    Anyway would you like me to make you a header.
    You don’t have to use it though.

    Eh, I’m so bored. I will just make one for fun.

  3. ~(-Jordan-)~ Says:

    Ok, as I said… You probably won’t use it.
    I’m just so bored that I needed somthing to do.
    Here you go:


  4. oh and guess what? in america, the second sunday in June is father’s day! crazy that today is fathers day in austrailia!

  5. Adam Says:

    Hii, Josh!!! Wats Up? Would you like me to add you tome my blogroll again?… you dont have the stuff… but ok!

  6. Bones979 Says:

    Haha I didn’t know that father’s day was different in Australia! Here it’s In June lol. When’s your mother’s day?

  7. Hey josh!!!
    Im glad ur back!!!!!!

  8. [h@D Says:

    holy $h!T your backkskii!. good. your absence was beggining to annoying me. oh what am i kidding. so happy your back!

  9. Squishy133 Says:

    Yeahhhh! Joshi is backk…..woooooo! Sorry, I neeeeddd toooo exxxaggerratteee alll myyyy woorrdddss toooo prrrroopppperrrllly eeexxccclaaaimmm mmyyyyyy jjj-jjjj–JOY! 😀

    Lol, w00t, new site. I’m happyful now. ZOMG, the muffins are ready….wait, brb, I want one. Wait a sec, who am I kidding, this isn’t a chat. It’s a comment..

    Oh well, off to get me a muffin.

    Do you want this site to be blogrolled Joshi?


    P.S. Nice header.

  10. Dunya Says:

    i hate the header .

  11. you are so positive and kind, Dunya

  12. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    Totally, lol. It’s about time you were back, Josh! 😀

  13. Squishy133 Says:

    Well at least she’s honest…

    It could be worse: she could pretend to like it and secretly hate it and then plot to sneak into Josh’s house while he’s updating his site, whack him over the head with a fry pan and delete the header….now that would be just plain sinister. So if the header goes missing, we’ll know where it went… *evil eye*…


  14. hahaha!!! squishy you always crack me up!

  15. Squishy133 Says:

    Yes, absolutely hilarious….


  16. Why am I always the last one to know about Josh’s new sites?

  17. is that sarcasm squish? i was serious that comment about josh’s missing header really actually made me laugh 😆

  18. Squishy133 Says:

    No, that wasn’t scarcasm, that was the creepy voice I use when somthing ‘suss’ is going one (not that you’ve heard my creepy voice – so you wouldn’t know….). 🙂 Sorryful for the confusion… 😀


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