What’s up with that? ™

September 10, 2008


Yes, you all found my new site!!! Hurray!  I think we have about 300 views…which isn’t the best.  Lol.  Sorry, just thta it’s the last two weeks of term and all the tachers are going crazy with assignments and homework and blah.

Got a Science Chemistry test tomorrow, a History test next Friday, a HUGE English project due on Monday [which includes: a website, powerpoint, poster, comic strip, brochure, video, role play, survey, “letter to the editor” [[nwespaper thing]] and more!!!] and heaps of Maths homework!!!  And an ART Project!!  But that was due two weeks ago.  Lol.

But next week I should be back to normal and have more time on my hands to post.

Did you know I was sick about two weeks ago?  id I tell you?  I had gastro and was away from school for six days.  That equals a LOT of catching up to do.  Lol. 

So, there’s only so much homework you can do.  I ended up watching TV with my two year old brother for a bit of the day when I had absolutely nothing to do.  The TV Shows are a bit…weird.  Here, let me show you some of them.

Raggs is this show about five dogs who always end up with a problem.  This show is about 20 mins long and VERY boring.  The dogs invent stuff, scratch themselves whenever someone says ‘flea’ and answer non related questions.  One show was about when they had no idea what to play, and they got a letter from a sheep about animals living underground…They sing so many songs.  So annoying.  Like five songs.  Ughh!  Th eonly good part is about a cat called “Dumpster” he asks little kids [aged around 4] on their opinionbs on things such as what movement is, games they like to play, musical instruments, etc. 

Poko is probably my brother’s favourite TV Show.  It’s about a boy who looks Spanish, who has blue hair, and magically draws things which become real.  He has a pet dog called Minus with a magic nose which can erase anything that Poko draws, a friend called Bibi who has pink hair and has a sticker book which she can use to make stickers become real, and a toy monkey called Mr Murphy.  It seems like a combination of heaps of TV Shows.

Yo, Gabba Gabba is probably one of the weirdest shows I have ever seen.  It’s about a boy who looks African, who wears orange clothes and a goofy orange hat who has a box full of scary toy monsters.  For example, one has one eye, some have three arms and four eyes, some are robots…creeepppyyyy.  And they all sing songs…and then there are random children who say their name and never stop smiling while they do something like bounce a ball…

Teletubbies well you’ve probably heard of it.  Four coloured…people in suits with TVs on their stomachs and antennae on their head who watch children do stuff…so long and tedious…

In the night garden is about these puppet-y things called IgglePiggle and UpsyDaisy who go on adventures in the night garden.  There are these scary baby like creatures…like, really scary.  It’s kinda like Telletubbies except with people talking. 

Pokoyo is probably the only good TV Show that I watched with him.  Its about a Japanese drawing style kid, called Pokoyo, who lives in a world with a pink elephant called Elli, a duck called Patto, a dog, and a bird who he calls Sleepy Bird.  It’s funny.  They solve problems.  Yeaa.

No, I don’t watch these because I like them, I watched them with my 2 year old brother because I was bored and he likes them.

♥ Josh


29 Responses to “What’s up with that? ™”

  1. ζÔ§Η Says:

    I enjoyed making that post.

  2. Aguair Says:


    You can’t expect me to comment just because you asked. It’s like you’re ordering me to comment here.

    Great pics, I like the urban one. Yeaa. Can you please comment on my site, please? https://meetjosh.wordpress.com/ I’ve asked you before…

    So what if you’ve asked me before? Is there something wrong with me not commenting. It’s like you think you order me.


    Josh Says:
    Jeeeeez, I was just asking!!! You comment on every one else’s site and gives them tons of help with CSS and I ask for one little comment and you get all mad. I neeed new friends =]

  3. Bones979 Says:

    LOL my brother watches Poko and Pokoyo and that creepy “In the night garden” thingy. He’s three and a half! 😀 Does anyone else have little brothers or sisters?

  4. Bones979 Says:

    Oh, and homework is *makes a thumbs down* bad. My school just started a little bit ago so I don’t have much… Just a little studying for the “What do you remember from last year in math” test and something for french… Not too bad! 😀

  5. Olly Says:

    In the night garden is the best show on TV. You wont find better.

    Unless you watch the chuckle brothers.

  6. Omg! Those shows scare me so much!
    There is one called doodlebops which terrify me so much.
    They have blue skin!! How in the world did they ended up like that!?!?

  7. The best kid’s show ever is the old “banana’s in pyjamas” show from the 90’s

  8. Dont u love fairly odd parents? Channel chasers chapter, the parody of strawberry shortcake called Paula Poundcake is hilariousss!

    Josh Says:
    I LOVE The fairly odd parents!!! in fact I just saw the channel chasers one the other night!!! Lol, she bites off the puppy toasts nose.

  9. omg yeah the Doodlebops are VERY SCARY. I mean, just look at them : http://costumzee.com/view/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/doodlebops.jpg
    And i know what you mean with the tv shows. I now have the Magic School Bus AND Dora the Explorer theme songs memorized

    Josh Says:
    I used to watch The Doodlebops with my brother in school holidays in January, but it got taken off the TV Schedule lol. He loves the Doodlebops, or as he calls them, the “Doo doo Bob” lol.

  10. Chad Says:

    Hell Yah . Yo Gabba Gabba is like. the weirdest thing ive seen in my life. And trust me. I have Health class. tings cant possibly get weirder than that. 😉 I foudnt his video (You probably saw it on the rainingwater.) of Yo Gabba Gabba. “Theres a party in my tummy!” and the video NEVER ENDS. like whn its supposed to end, it goes back 10 seconds and does that every time.

    I enjoy demi lovato.

  11. Chad Says:

    she turnz me onn . lolz . jk.

  12. Aguair Says:

    New friends?

    Old friends?

    Anyways, those people didn’t ask for comments. And if one of them did they weren’t so vulgar in the making. Shame on you for turning me in the bad. If you want your comment. There, including this you have had 2.


  13. [h@D Says:

    poo its 9/11 .

    i hate osama bin laden

  14. sydney511 Says:

    Omg i agree! Doodlebops scare me! Who watches Fetch? Its really cool i think. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Playhouse Disney when I was 3-5. My favorite show was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now im too old for it. I remember Bear and the Big Blue House 😥 I miss that show a bit. They cancled it. I also liked the Oley Poely thingy. Go Yabba Yabba is just wierd. Dora is dumb and stupid. Diego is dumb and stupid. Blues clues was so fun. I loved blue. He was cute. But they cancled it… I LOVE CHANNEL CHASERS! Anything on nick is awesome (but not nickjr) Spongebob’s voice makes me laugh! There are great shows, yet stupid, baby, dumb, wierd, terrifying shows.

  15. Dieter (not logged on) Says:

    Josh, youre back!!!!!!!!!

  16. [h@D Says:

    omg diego is wayy better than dora. my buddy francesca has diegos backpack 😛

  17. No! Dora and Diego are the best!!



  19. Ohh! Aguair got mad 😮 Be careful she will get crazy.

  20. Squishy133 Says:

    ZOMG. I hate little kids shows, they drive me insane. Thats probably because I’ve never had to watch them since I was little (I have no siblings, only me…) but still. They are soooo dumb! I guess that’s why only little kids appreciate them.

    As you can probably tell, I hate children.


  21. “run away, kids! its SQUISHY”
    *kids screaming and running away*

  22. Squishy133 Says:

    MMM, thats about it. They are evil! I think I figured out why I don’t like them too, it’s ’cause they don’t understand my sophisticated (lol) language – and when you try and argue with them (which is one of my fave. pasttimes)they always give the stupidest reasons.


  23. javallama Says:

    lol. That was very amusing to read. 🙂

  24. javallama Says:

    I remeber one show honesly called something like; Bo Bo bo, bo bo bo, bo-bo-bo-bo. Seriously. Look it up, I swear it excists.

  25. Squishy133 Says:

    That’s a really weird show name….


  26. sydney511 Says:

    My dad’s favorite show was Captain Kangaroo. He loved that show. It had a dancing bear name Dancing Bear. That show is cancled.

  27. poko Says:


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