My Chat pages are always totally terrible, so please make an effort to chat here!  PLEASE!!!


20 Responses to “Chat ™”

  1. chat chat chatter!
    lets chat! who’s out there who I can chat with?

  2. [h@D Says:

    mee! oo oo chat with mee!!!

    ill hit you with a hammer if you dont.

  3. Squishy133 Says:

    Ooohh, hit me, wait no, chat with me!!

    Uhhhh, nice Frog Carly. 😀


  4. Dunya Says:

    uhmm, what the heck?
    i thought u were poor and needed to study to win some money or whatsoever

    Josh Says:
    Uhmm…nooooo. I’m not what you would call “poor” but I’m not rich. I want to win a scholarship that’s worth $1000. That’d save my parents a lot of money…and make me happy too!!! Don’t spoil my joyfullness, please.

  5. Yeah…I thought the whole idea of stopping the old blogs was because you had to study.

    Josh Says:
    Yeah, that and because Raining Water was becoming “polluted” and old-ish…Yea. I still have to study, not like I do it 24/7. Or do I? It’s called time management. Am I making sense here?

  6. [h@D Says:

    appereantly he doesnt now.

  7. ΦρüΣ Says:

    I shall chat here but i wont promise i wont make random comments. All Things Lead TO Timbuktu

  8. Dunya Says:

    well this is bullJosh says no wearing I want this site to be family friendly!!!Lol. But seriously no swearing. =P

  9. Dunya Says:

    im not gonna be surprised if he actually is richer then us all in real life

  10. Gee Dunya you always know just what to say to make everyone feel happy.
    Okay okay Chad Ill talk to you! Dont hit me!
    And Squishy, thank you. My frigs name is Fabio and he has 3 eyes.

  11. oops! I ment frogs not frigs!

  12. ~.Narnia.~ Says:

    LOL. Hey, anyone seen the movie First Knight? Don’t. It’s awful.

  13. Squishy133 Says:

    Dunya, maybe his priorities changed, plus it’s not like he’s done that much with the site….so yeah…Besides, it’s not all about being rich or poor, maybe he just wants to help his parents out. I mean, we are super rich or anything, but we can afford lots of stuff. Still, my parents would be super grateful if I could win a scolarship! 🙂 Not that I’d ever be smart enough to do that….

    Carly, I lurrvvve your frog! Go Fabio and all his coolness….why does he have 3 eyes though?

    Opus, random comments all the way. I’m with ya there buddy.

    Narnia, I don’t plan to. Whats it about though? Has anyone seen Cloverfield or the Blair Witch Progect….don’t they’re lame too.

    Lallaaaa, I should be studying for exams but I’m too bored. Maybe thats why I don’t get scholarships…meh? Oh well, I shall do english homework then….ughh!!


  14. Squishy133 Says:

    Eeep, that was long.

    Btw, don’t watch ’15 and Pregnant’ either, thats just weird.


  15. Dunya Says:

    ughh he didnt say he is gonna win a scholarship he said he is gonna win 1000 dolars(IF he does good in school), which isn’t that much FYI
    and is that a compliment ♪ ©ΛЯLΨ ♪

  16. Bones979 Says:

    1000 dollars – scholarship. And don’t watch Happily Never After. Love your frog! xD
    Fifty million seven hundered and six thousand four hunderend and.. what was I doing?

  17. nope, Dunya I was being sarcastic.
    And Narnia, he has three eyes because there is this site that pro photoshop people enter their pictures to be judged and stuff. I like to look at the pictures and i found this one! Someone photoshopped a frog to have three eyes! sweet, eh?
    And yeah it was a 1000$ SCHOLARSHIP what sort of school contest would just give the kid 1000 $ to spend by his own free will!

  18. [h@D Says:

    to late carly im gonna hit you. first i have to figure out how im gonna get to colorado..

  19. Bones979 Says:

    Sneak into someones bag! But first you hafta make sure you don’t end up in South Africa or something! lol
    Da Amazing Weather-predicting ROCK

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