Ask me questions…ask and I shall answer, no matter how difficult!


23 Responses to “Q & A ™”

  1. ΦρüΣ Says:


    Josh Says:
    Why not?

  2. Squishy133 Says:

    Will you sneak into my school and do my maths exam for me? (Pssstt, there could be a bribe involved if you do it.)


    – You may need to look like a girl for the duration of the exam (seeing as it is a girls school)
    – You may need to study? That would be reccomended…seeing as it is yr 10 work (Note: This is v. boring.

    Thats about it. Please say yes. I really don’t have the urge to do a maths exam.


    Josh Says:
    Sure thing! I’ll sneak into your school with a blonde mohwak wig, eyeliner, some pink dress, green high heels, diamond earrings, purple lipstick and a sombrero and do your maths exam!!! It won’t be a bit suspicous, will it?

  3. ΦρüΣ Says:

    Can i ask another question?

    Josh Says:
    Absolutely not!!! Go ahead, I’m here till Sunday.

  4. Since you are doing schoolwork now since Squishy asked you, will you write my essay on the similarities and differences of symbols in the Genesis book of the Bible and the Epic of Gilgamesh?

    Josh Says:
    Epic of Gilgamesh??? What’s that?!?!?!? And certainly not, I do not plan on learning about some Gilgamesh thingamablob…lol.

  5. Squishy133 Says:

    The Epic of Gilgamesh? What in the blazes is that?
    Hmm, I’ll do it if you pay be 50 bucks….lol. Wait….are you just trying to trick me into doing schoolwork that doesn’t exist? Huh? Huh?


    P.S. Can you memorise Pi to 30 decimal places? If you could, well uhhh…lets just see if you can first…and no cheating! 🙂

    Josh’s Edit:
    Ummmm, not to sure about the top of the comment, but no I know pretty much nothing about pi. Just that it starts at 3.14 =P

  6. I’ll just ask jeeves

    Josh Says:
    Nooo!!! He’s my business competitor!!!!!

  7. Ummm it’s 3.1415296 that’s all I can remember…

  8. PI SONG!

    And the number Pi: (you can delete some of this, Josh)
    44288109756659334461284756482337867831652712019091 The other thousand or so numbers removed by Josh =P

  9. Bones979 Says:

    Gilgamesh is an ancient ruler of the Sumerian empire… His favourite colour was dark purple. He wears a helmat…
    I can hear the bells. Ring.

  10. Well he wasn’t a ruler yet in the epic. Its about him trying to become immortal

  11. oh wait, yes he was he just didnt do anything that involved taking care of his kingdom 😛

  12. I know all about Gilgamesh and all biblical history but this is josh’s page and josh’s site so he can answer you not me. Why did it rain yesterday?

    Josh Says:
    Because Aunty Mary and Uncle Bob an their step son Mrs. O’dearydearyme went shopping in the great barrier reef.

  13. How do i become supreme ruler of the USA and destroy all potatoes?

  14. wait,serious question now. What Happened To Mark? He (like others) disappeared without a trace.

    Josh Says:
    I don’t know!!! Last time I talked to him was when I said happy birthday to him, which was in around April, I think.

  15. Mark[plengi] is one of our friends from long ago who disappeared without a trace

  16. Okey doke, I have a question…….
    When was this blog made?? Why was I in the dark? Was I at Space Camp and you forgot to tell me when I got back?? If you did, it’s fine, what matters is that I know about it now and am happy.

    Josh’s Response:
    Made on Sept 1st, but I told everyone about it on September 8th. Didn’t tell you cause you were on Space Camp. Sorryyyy!

  17. Are you gonna leave raining water as a “Dead Blog”? Or delete it?

    Josh Says:
    Abandoned Blog =D

  18. It’s fine, Josh. Just as long as I finally found it. 😀 Ooh, I’m hungry.. I’ll go get breakfast. See ya around. Also, I am considering not blogging CP as much…….

  19. Bones979 Says:

    Are you gonna make a storybuilder here or should we just go back to rainingwater to continue with that story?

  20. lets just say glint died of her story drastically changing alot. lol

  21. Bones979 Says:

    lol. Then we’ll make a new story which will start with

    “Once upon a time there was a very special someone who was…”

    “Deformed at the forehead and could lick her elbow and the very *special* person’s name was TNILG!”

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